Miracle in Melbourne!

Not too long ago, I wrote about Novak Djokovic leading the “Greatest Of All Time” (GOAT) race in the Open Era after his classical win at the Stade Roland Garros( The French Open) in Paris, France. The previous article :-

Speaking of some lawn tennis terminology, The segregation between amateurs and professionals in 1968 was the beginning of modern tennis and led to “Open Era”, i.e. the Grand Slam Tournaments allowed professional players to compete with amateurs, thus, ending the rigid divisions in the sport.

There are 4 Majors/Grand Slams, i.e. Australian Open, Wimbledon, French Open and the U.S. Open.

Now, in 2021, while Djokovic equalled the all time record of 20 Grand Slams held by a person by winning his Wimbledon 2021 title (the record was held previously by Nadal and Federer together), with today’s epic 5-Set thriller at the Australian Open 2022, Rafael Nadal has become the first man to have won 21 Singles Major Tournament!!

The Australian Open is one of the tennis Majors as discussed above, held annually at Melbourne Park, Melbourne. It is the first of the four Grand Slams held each year (Also known as “the happy slam”). First held in 1905( 117 years ago) for men, it is now one of the biggest sporting events in the Southern Hemisphere. The winner receives the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup along with the prize money.

Nadal’s Tryst with Destiny in terms of Australian Open wins has been extraordinary. Before today, he had played 5 Australian Open Finals. Out of the 5 finals played, 3 of them had been 5-set matches, all three being legendary in their sense. One of them, AO 2012, at 5 hours 53 minutes long, to this date holds the record of the longest Slam final, which Nadal lost to Djokovic. AO 2009, a 3hr 38 minute long thriller, which had some of the most jaw-dropping rallies, was the first and the only final which Nadal won, and it was also the Spaniard’s first hard-court Grand Slam title.

The 2017 Final was the one which Nadal lost to Roger Federer. After the win in that particular match, Federer also famously said, “….there are no draws in tennis but if there was going to be one, I would have been very happy to accept a draw tonight and share it with Rafa”!

He also lost in 2014 and 2019 AO finals leading to extreme dejection. But what exactly makes today’s win one of the most emotional and extraordinary one in recent times?

Rafael Nadal is 35 years and 6 months old and one of the oldest players to have played finals in the Open Era. What’s amazing is that he skipped the Wimbledon 2021 and U.S. Open 2021 Grand Slams due to his foot injury which occurred during the French Open 2021 in June. He had to outplay the World Number 2.- Daniil Medvedev in the 5hr 24 min marathon match to become the first man to have won 21 Grand Slam titles.

No wonder, this legendary player is admired as one of the greatest athletes with his reputation of playing long rallies and terrific matches.

We wish him luck and hope that the rivalry between the Big Three continues just as strong!

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  1. kaivalyasharma says:


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  2. manveen says:

    well said

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    1. Thankyou very much!


  3. neerjaalreja3057 says:

    WIth this incredible win, Nadal has become only the 2nd player in “open era” (4th all time)’ to win each major atleast twice , after djokovic achieved the feat with French open win 2021!


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    1. We are all equally overjoyed tonight!


  4. Harish Alreja says:

    Really amazing feat by the real fighter Nadal..The Rivalry of Big Three would continue for next couple of years I suppose..

    Good Luck to all tennis fans!

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    1. Exactly, we are looking forward to more of such memorable matches!


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