Are we slowly but surely harming the planet?!

Recently, I watched a Ted-ed video with a very intriguing title “the myth of the boiling frog“. The video, unexpectedly, was about climate change, a topic which isn’t talked about in our country as much as it should be.

The statistics in the video blew my mind. Basically, the Earth’s temperature has risen by a whopping 1°Celsius since 1850. “just one degree, ah that doesn’t matter, does it?”, people say. But consider this, if the temperature rises by another 1° Celsius, the coldest month in the Arctic would be almost 10° warmer!!! and the hottest month in Mumbai would be about 5° warmer!!.

okay so, let’s take India as an example. A little while after independence i.e. in 1951, the population of India was about 36 crores and the current population, just within 70 years, is a massive 136 crores and is ever increasing!! Just imagine the pressure on the natural resources of the country by an increase of approximately 100 crore people. And surprisingly, this stands true for almost every country on the globe. It’s high time for a serious thought, I guess!

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